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Hardscapes can elevate any backyard, both figuratively and literally. With beautiful paved paths and paver patios, your property's exterior can look fantastic. Check out the work reports below to find out more about a few recent paving projects we completed in the Tustin area. 

Driveway Repair In El Modena, CA | Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes

Driveway Repair

Customer Issue: The existing driveway had no edging, which is why the pavers started to shift and separate.
Our Solution: Fortunately for Mrs. Roberts, the existing stone pavers were not damaged, but they did need to be reinstalled. So, we started by taking them all out and making sure the base was well-compacted and properly leveled. We added the edging in a contrasting color; as our customer wished, and went on to put the pavers back. We finished off by tamping the driveway and sanding it to achieve the final “lock-up”.

Donna Roberts - El Modena
Patio Cover Installation Nearby North Tustin | S&P Home Work

Patio Cover Installation

Customer Issue: The customer thought her patio might get more use if it had some shelter from the sun and weather. She consulted with us and chose a patio cover to do the trick.
Our Solution: Since the customer’s roof already overhung part of the patio, our covering just added an extension to the roof made of similar wood and shingles. The only ground-based hardscape features required were the four support columns installed along the sides of the patio.

Mona Farlome - North Tustin
Fire Pit Installation | Orange | S&P Home Work Tustin

Fire Pit Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Erikson wanted to be able to toast marshmallows and hot dogs over a roaring fire in his backyard. Understandable. A paver fire pit was what he imagined.
Our Solution: The backward already had a stamped concrete patio, so our brick paver expansion to the side created ample room for the firepit. The cement-lined pit came with some other hardscape features, including a raised grill and two wooden benches with metal supports.

David Erikson - Orange
Hardscape Remodeling Near Tustin | S&P Home Work Tustin

Hardscape Remodeling

Customer Issue: The Renflauers’ new property had an extensive surrounding lawn and garden, but not many dedicated paver walkways or sitting areas.
Our Solution: Laying some natural-looking stone pavers in place across carefully shaped sockets of adhesive base and paving sand created the winding pathways. The hardscape paths went around the thickest plant life, both to minimize work for us and to avoid damaging the garden. The end result elevated the backyard and the front lawn and made the hardscape landscape complement the natural surroundings.

Jean Renflauer - Tustin
Backyard Fireplace and Fire Pit | Santa Ana | Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes

Backyard Fireplace and Fire pit

Customer Issue: Wanted to create a living room effect outdoors, with semi-circle seating around the fireplace and paver benches near the fire pit.
Our Solution: Our team built a standalone fireplace, out of rough-cut blocks, a large slab stone mantel, and an arched firebox. Positioned far from the house itself amongst the greenery, and with rugged looking wooden furniture, the result was remarkable. The fire pit was constructed using fire-resistant stones, and the surrounding benches were made from smooth limestone pavers.

Steven Baxter - Santa Ana
Pool Paver Installation in Tustin | Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes

Pool Paver Installation

Customer Issue: The area around the pool was always muddy and dirty from the grass and soil.
Our Solution: The customer looked at a number of pool pavers design ideas and chose to use precast interlocking concrete pavers because of their ability to move with the ground to eliminate cracking, making them excellent for the wet pool area. Following the standard paver installation process, bond beam adhesive and concrete sealer were added to secure the new setting in place.

Bryan Carver - Tustin
Sidewalk Paver Replacement in Villa Park | Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes

Sidewalk Paver Replacement

Customer Issue: The sidewalk pavers around the property were old and needed a “facelift”.
Our Solution: The customer chose natural stone pavers to add appeal to the property and enhance the special old world look of the garden. Our team carefully removed the old plain pavers, re-compacted the base, and installed the new stone slabs in a new design.

Billy Carter - Villa Park
Patio Pavers Repair in North Tustin | Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes

Patio Pavers Repair

Customer Issue: Patio pavers were in need of repair.
Our Solution: Our team examined the patio carefully, identifying all the repair work that needed to be done. The project included replacement of broken pavers, repair and reset of slightly damaged pavers, replacement of the black plastic edging material that was lifted, removal of weeds, and moss and power washing.

Albert Carr - North Tustin
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Highly Experienced Pavers

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Outdoor Home Features

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