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Choose What Suites You

Whether you have an existing walkway made of pavers you’d like redone, or you are thinking about getting one installed for the first time, our company has you covered. With so many options including colors, shapes and patterns, finding the right match for you and your home’s style is as easy as it comes. Combine that with our team of experts who strive for customer satisfaction and there is really no good reason to not hire us for the job!

Always Expert Repairs And Replacements

Even though walkways made of pavers last a long time, you may find one or more damaged at some point. The advantage of this, opposed to other materials, is that only the affected blocks need be repaired or replaced instead of having to tear up an entire sidewalk. Our professionals are happy to assist you with repairs and will do it fast. If the damage is too bad and repairs aren’t possible, you can rest assured our team will find a perfect match and replace it with brand new materials! You really can’t beat such great services from such a great team.

Raising Sunken In Areas

All of us have seen a walkway or sidewalk at some point in our lives that’s uneven and even sunken in several parts. The good news is that if this is you, it no longer has to be! Our team has the expertise to deal with and fix those pesky sunken in areas. No matter the area size, our experts will pull up the pavers affected, raise up the ground using sand and the proper techniques and tools, and replace the same pavers back down. You can be sure that optimal levelness will be achieved so you no longer have to deal with that dip in your driveway.

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It doesn’t matter your needs because our experts have always got you covered and are ready to assist. There’s no point in waiting any longer, contact Tustin Pavers & Hardscapes today and see for yourself! Our pros are always here to help make your life a little less hectic.


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